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One fine morning, I woke up and went to balcony to collect the paper. I opened it and found a picture on the main page. At first glace, it appeared funny to me as if I have seen one more desperate attempt by few peoples to come in limelight. I smiled a little with sarcasm. I started reading the news side-by that picture. As I progressed through the news, I felt sorry for my early thought. Headline was "The Maldives government held an underwater cabinet meeting in a bid to focus global attention on rising sea levels that threaten to submerge the low-lying nation by the end of this century". Rest that picture was telling all the stories. It showed all ministers, clad in scuba gear, were underwater and busy in cabinet proceedings. President Nasheed and a dozen ministers sat behind tables at a depth of six meters and approved a resolution urging global action to cut carbon emission.

We all know that carbon emission is major cause of Global warming. Needless to say it again and again - Vehicles produces major part of greenhouse gases that affects our eco-system drastically.

With the ever rising cost of fuel, a sluggish economy, and the dangerous greenhouse gases and pollutants that vehicles produce, the need to implement economic and eco-friendly alternatives like carpooling has become a vital necessity. Increasing traffic and pollution are real threat to all cosmopolitan and metros in India. Lack of infrastructure and outburst population migrating to cities is the cause for this increasing traffic. It takes hours to reach office because of traffic jams. All major Indian cities are polluted by vehicles. Road dust, due to vehicles, contributes 33% of air pollution in India. Population in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad etc are growing exponentially and so is the number of vehicles. All these cities has potential health hazards and can cause asthma, breathing problems to commuters. Especially children can get affected quickly.

Everyone is shouting to control the traffic congestion? What are the solutions then?

  • Better infrastructure - throwing the ball on government's court
  • Increase the city limits - creating ring roads, flyovers, bridges, etc., (this will decrease the momentum of urbanization & over-crowding at one particular place. (eg. Gurgaon in Delhi / NCR. Indra Nagar in Bangalore, Adyar in Chennai, Hi-Tech City (Madhapur) in Hyderabad)
  • Traffic sense - OMG, is this going to happen? Are we going to drive with a sixth sense? It's better to forget this option.
  • Carpooling - Sharing the ride with others. Instead of 1 or 2 riding a car which has the capacity of 4-8, commuters can share a car and can make a carpool if they are going in the same route to their workplace.

On all the above discussed points, only carpooling is in our hand. We can control the traffic congestion only by carpooling. All the other options are dominated by Govt's action plan.

We, at CarpoolsSearch.com, are passionate about creating an environment friendly approach to commute by sharing a ride. CarpoolsSearch.com provides a platform to Share a ride or Carpool to help reduce your carbon footprint by:

  • Offering a service which allows you to reach your destination in shared car / taxi / cab, with comfort of your own vehicle, thus reducing the number of vehicles on road. Obviously, it will reduce emission of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.
  • Allowing a person in need of a shared ride to post his requirements electronically.
  • We displays your carpool or ride share requirements electronically via internet.

CarpoolsSearch.com practices what it preaches:

  • We strive to operate in a paperless office by storing our records electronically. Collecting and communicating with you, as and when required, will be always via email or phone.
  • No leaflets or pamphlets for advertising CarpoolsSearch.com. Our primary method of attracting people to website is via word of mouth, internet, phone and radio. Thus minimizing the use of paper

Go Green ... Go for Carpool

Our Mission: Increasing pollution level and Global Warming is a big issue to worry about in current times. Carpooling can be a good solution to reduce the pollution caused from vehicles. We've created a free and easy platform for carpool providers and seekers to find one another.
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