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Help Environment, Help Yourself
We can incorporate some simple yet effective steps in our living to go green. These steps don't have to cost a fortune. We are often worried that going green will cost us money and time; however some of these steps can actually save us money, time and also helps to keep our 'Mother Earth' clean & green. Carpooling is one of them. It saves both money and time on our commuting expenses and also it reduces traffic and emmision of greenhouse gases. These days, in Indian metros, people have widely accepted carpooling to keep ‘Mother Earth’ and their wallet green.
With an average commute of 30 km a day, 22 working days a month, average fuel (petrol) price of Rs. 48 per litre, and in an economy car that gets 12 km/litre mileage; your carbon footprint and expense on transportation can be calculated as shown on right.
Your Carbon Footprint:
Greenhouse gases released:
Without Carpooling:
1.518 Tonnes
Carpooling with:
1 commuter: 1.52 Tonnes
2 commuter: .86 Tonnes
3 commuter: .60 Tonnes

Your Savings on Carpool:
(in Rs. / year)
Without Carpooling:
You spend: 31680
You save (carpooling with):
1 Person: 15840
2 Person: 21120
3 Person: 23760

Note: Above figures are indicative only.
Our Mission: Increasing pollution level and Global Warming is a big issue to worry about in current times. Carpooling can be a good solution to reduce the pollution caused from vehicles. We've created a free and easy platform for carpoolers to find one another.
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